Dirty Feet II

On May 7th, TJ’s in Leeds played host to Dirty Feet II. Bboys and bgirls from all over the world came along to battle. Among the 10 countries present were crews from France, Italy, Malta, USA and Brazil.

The day’s sound track was provided by DJ Wispa, serving up raw hip hop beats with soul and funk thrown in for good measure. On the mic hosting the event were Flowrex and Joeski keeping the bboy’s energised and the crowd engaged.

When things ain’t fair they ain’t fun. To ensure this wasn’t the case at Dirty Feet, organiser bboy Didge selected Daniel (France), Dhalsim (Random Aspekts) and Ess Green (former UDO World Street Dance Champion) to sit on the judge’s panel.

30 pairs entered the 2-on-2’s. Letting off steam each round the competition boiled down to the final 2. The final between Ghet Low Pirates and MDK was furious but there could only be one winner. Zorro and Dopey Jing (Ghet Low Pirates) walked away with the money and the merchandise.

Strong crews were eliminated at every round in the crew battles. Street Breakers (Brazil) threw down, their style through the roof, but it was not enough to defeat the technique of Flex Flav Worldwide.

Dirty Feet is joining forces with the Welsh Bboy Champs and Harnish Lacey Dance Theatre to deliver Dirty Welsh Laces on July 31st. The day will be composed of 3-on-3 and solo battles. The winners will advance to the Welsh Bboy Champs 2011!

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Words: James Coomber    Photographs: Zoe Roberts

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  1. James Coomber reports for Breaking News on what went down last month at the Leeds Bboy Jam Dirty Feet. http://fb.me/LsAdh0gY

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