Urban SINfonie + The SINstitue of Hip Hop Arts

Imparting knowledge of the Hip Hop arts to the next generation is what SIN Cru, an Old Skool Hip Hop Collective of first generation UK bboys, do at their annual event SOHHA; The SINstitue of Hip Hop Arts. SOHHA a 10-day Hip Hop academy took place over Easter week in Cambridge.

Ken Swift (Rock Steady/Break Life/VII Gems) journeys each year to preside over this albeit small but important UK even. This time he was accompanied by Clarky (VII Gems), an original Rock dancer from Brooklyn.

The 10 days of SOHHA kicked off with a 3-day intensive “Breaking for battling” master-class followed swiftly by daily classes in Graffiti, Breaking Foundations and Specifics, Yoga and one off workshops in DJing, Locking, Popping, Rocking, MCing and Beatboxing.

The Hip Hop tots opened the show at the Urban SINfonie bboy battle, the closing ceremony of SOHHA. Shyly grinning, these little bboys bounced to the beat and strutted their stuff with more stamina than some of Sin Cru’s veteran members. “Old man Boogs is kind of glad he lost the 2nd round of the solos…he’s off to the bar”, yelled Kilo on the mic.

When there was a no show by a pre-registered entrant for the popping battle Soopa Jay stepped up. The man came to break, not pop and battled his way through to the semis…now that is what we call Hip Hop.

Involved in the scene long before it even had a name, Clarky and Ken Swift are true pioneers. Travelling the world over teaching the art of Bboying and Rocking, these men never forget to keep it real and get down and dirty in the cyphers. Bboy Child Rock jumped in to challenge Clarky and got schooled by this irrefutable master of Rocking.

The final of the 2-on-2’s saw Soopa Noodle and Lil’Tim (Sin Cru) take on Sunni (UK) and Pocket (Korea). The final of the solos was a family affair as Marso and Samurai, both MDK, came head to head.

And the winners of Urban SINfonie 2011 were…

1-on-1 popping – Crazy Popper
1-on-1 breaking – Samurai
2-on-2 breaking – Sunni and Pocket.

Words: Zoe Roberts Photos: NonSINthetik

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  1. Pioneer Ken Swift was in the UK teaching breaking and judging battles in Cambridge. Did you miss this? We didn’t!… http://fb.me/RxZQUzL7

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